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AR/VR gaming’s market value is expected to exceed USD 11 billion by 2026. This growth rate will be 18.5 percent over 2021-2026.

Although VR is still a new platform, it has been accepted by some of the most prominent names in the game industry. This has led to VR being accepted by some of the biggest names in the game development industry. It has also attracted independent studios. This acceptance/popularity has resulted in some of the biggest AAA franchises launching on the platform. VR boldly stated that it is here to stay. The software must work flawlessly on all versions of the platform because it is a new platform with different manufacturers who are focusing on making each product unique. A slight compatibility problem can ruin the user experience. AR, on the other side, has seen rapid progress since its inception, particularly in the mobile platform. Both mobile developers and multiple demographics have welcomed it with open arms.

This brings us to the big question: Software Quality. Virtual Reality is immersion. VR is 360deg immersion through electronic entertainment.

AR refers to the idea of gamifying real time environments.

These experiences, like everything else, can be disastrous if there is a simple graphical or audio cosmetic problem. This is where we step in. We are gamers and we know what immersive experience is. This knowledge also applies to AR/VR gaming testing.

The VR game testing system offers:

Testing Real Devices

Richmonddioceseirp Gaming has a testing lab that is equipped with the specialized hardware needed to test a VR-game. We can support both older and current generation hardware. We keep our inventory current with the most recent hardware on the market. We do this to ensure that the games are compatible with the intended devices and they function properly.

Accessibility Testing

Although immersion is the ultimate goal of AR/VR, there are some side effects. While there is a small chance that you will experience symptoms such as motion sickness or seizures while playing non-VR games, this possibility increases exponentially in VR. To reduce discomfort and minimize liability for the company, our testers actively monitor for triggers in a variety of demographics.

Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing methods cover all configurations, from low- to high-end. This allows us to accurately evaluate the game’s performance. You can rest assured that your product will perform on the intended devices and platforms.


Our team boasts a headcount of over 450 gamers, so we have gamers for all genres. It is easy to conduct a playtest with any target audience. This involves a detailed feedback questionnaire that is vetted by the production staff across all aspects of the game. The results are quality and design enhancements.

Our success depends on these factors:

Each project is treated with a tailored approach

Accept industry’s best practices

Expertise in Quality Assurance solutions

Consultation for FREE by the Leadership Team

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