How to Test a Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is the foundation of the education system. The system does not only have to be used in schools and colleges, but also plays a vital role in other industries. It is important to be able to assess the productivity of LMSs.

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A learning management system is also required for design, development, integration, implementation, and support. Even after the project is handed over, clients expect the same treatment.

This document should include all information, including the features and deployment scenario. This allows them to manage the application on their own.

If you’re looking to build an eLearning platform, ensure that you have enough activities. We will now discuss how a QA group should validate the robustness of a learning management software.

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The Fundamental Concept of Learning Management System

A learning management system can have two roles. One is for the Learner, and one is for the Instructor. These roles must be kept in mind by testers when testing. When building test cases for an LMS, it is important to not ignore any of these roles.

Additionally, the QA team must have a complete requirements document before performing any test to verify that the learning management system meets the requirements.

We are a trusted testing company India and recommend that testers only perform the QA process after obtaining accurate and complete documentation. Once the scope of the project has been defined, your testing process will be more dynamic and driven by results.

How can you create test cases for learning management system?

As a quality tester you need to understand the significance test cases. We will tell you what roles your test cases should be based on.

We have already mentioned that Instructor and Learner are the basic roles we must test. These roles must be the priority of our test cases. To validate Instructor’s role, perform the following test cases:

  • Dashboard Of Instructor.
  • Add, Update, Edit, Delete Etc Features For Instructor.
  • Course loading time
  • During the Transition process, there should not be any bugs.
  • Capability of the System to Upload Large Media Files
  • Automatic Analytics Generation & Report Management.
  • Assignment retrieval.

You will also need to create test cases for learners. You will be able to get an idea of the user experience by using the test cases.

  • Dashboard Of Learner.
  • Modular Structure and Design
  • How easy it is for learners to access the Uploaded Courses.
  • Response of Learning Management System to Various Clicks.
  • The system’s ability to manage communication between different learners.
  • These are the cases for the elements of LMS such as Features, Groups and Tasks.

You are halfway there if you can play both of these roles. Don’t rush. Take your time, and you will get the desired result.

How can you test the effectiveness of your learning management system?

You must focus on testing if you want to improve the efficiency and quality of your learning management system. Only testing can make your system strong, efficient, great, and goal-oriented. These testing methods can be used to verify the LMS’s performance:


Automated system testing reduces the risk of system failures and errors that could cause system damage. Automation testing also allows you to save time and increase the efficiency of your product. This allows you to market the product more efficiently.

Developers should choose the appropriate programming language to ensure consistency in automated checks. As a result, you will have a sophisticated and attractive LMS as your final product.

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Mobile Testing:

Mobile is everywhere and we can’t deny that mobile is a common tool. Most activities can be managed only through mobile devices. It is essential to test the LMS mobile.

The testers must validate the functionality, features, and user interface across all mobile devices. During testing, be sure to check the resolution of your application.

Data Integrity Testing

 We all know that data is the heart of learning management systems. We cannot afford to compromise data security as a trusted quality test company in India. Data integrity testing should be a priority for testers.

Data integrity testing requires a variety of test cases. To ensure data integrity, testers need to perform the following tests:

  • Posture assessment
  • Auditing security
  • Risk assessment
  • Hacking ethically
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Security scanning
  • Testing for penetration
Last Thoughts

These are some of the methods that can be used to create an interactive, responsive and effective learning management system. If you’re planning to create an eLearning project that is web-based or mobile-based, be sure to perform the above testing.

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